System Network Solution
  1. Surveillance System
    IP-based surveillance system using IP Camera allows you to monitor and maximize the security of work and home location, anytime and anywhere with the remote system.
  2. Streaming System
    Alternative3 : Streaming system offers a new approach to the media on the internet, now you do not have to wait for downloading files over to enjoy music and video, because streaming system allows you to enjoy the file while it is being transferred. Even better, by streaming media you can use a streaming system for live broadcast and data storage.
  3. IPTV
    Alternative 2 : IP system provides a universal method of two-way connectivity and has more advantages than conventional TV broadcast such as provides more interactive content, lower cost, and you can select favorite TV programs according to taste.
  4. Voice Over Internet Protocol
    Alternative 2 : VOIP service makes audio communication between you and your business associate more economical and efficient.
  5. Teleconference
    Now you can interact in audio-video through internet technology with two or more of your business associate who use teleconference service in different location.
  6. SMS Gateway
    With normal SMS rates, it is easy to manage your SMS data using SMS Gateway service which is suitable to use as SMS center for your bussiness or organization.

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