Internet Access

As a provider of broadband services partner, content and multimedia, Jetcoms has conducted a long-term cooperation with companies in several business sectors.


Intended for those of you who need a more stable internet access, guaranteed bandwidth, minimal downtime and at an affordable price with a series of dedicated products that can be customized to your company?s needs.

SOHO- Small Office Home Office

For your new business or are developing, Jetcoms provides internet service at an affordable price, unlimited access, capacity up to 828 kbps, flexible and easy to upgrade at anytime to internet corporate product. With 24/7 customer care supports, allows you to manage the business directly from your home or office.

Internet Cafe

To support the success of your internet cafe, Jetcoms provides a special specifications service with large bandwidth for internet services and online games at an affordable prices, and special lines directly into some online games provider.

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